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    Does anyone know where do Drafts go?


      Wondering if anyone knows what happens to Draft documents once someone else overwrites it with another Draft. Noticed this odd behavior when I was performing a test with another user. Here's the scenario...


      1. I edited an existing document and saved as Draft (it became Version 3). I could access that draft by going to Content tab and filtering on Drafts.
      2. My colleague then edited the document (my draft) and also saved as Draft (now the document Version 4). That draft was removed from my drafts. I assume this was because my draft was overwritten by her change - I no longer owned the draft after all. But I would have then expected my colleauge would have had the draft in her Content tab Drafts, but she did not.


      I'm somewhat a newbie here, so if I should be posting questions like this in a different group, please let me know and thank you!