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    Custom queries to EAE engine


      Hi jive-guys,


      It would be grateful if somebody can share the experience how to make custom queries/requests to eae engine.

      From javadocs in com.jivesoftware.community.eae.ActivityManager I see that possible to invoke methods with following params --> Set<FilterType> filterTypes, List<String> queryTerms


      Iterable<ActivityContainer> getActivitySinceButRequire(JiveObject jiveObject, StreamSource streamSource,

                                                                 Stream stream,

                                                                 Set<FilterType> filterTypes, List<String> queryTerms,

                                                                 long sinceTime, long requireTime);



      So the question is how to do it correctly. Any working examples would be appreciated.


      Thanks and love you all, Dzmitry)

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          Dzmitry - could you give us a little more information on what you're actually trying to achieve? Also have you considered using the Jive REST API v3.3 → Activity service as we'd certainly suggest that rather then try and call EAE classes directly.

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              Hi Martin,


              cc: Martin Holmes


              For sure. I would like to get status updates only from people I'm following but in public stream (I know about connections stream but have such business requirements).

              Is it possible to achieve that using above shown filters?

              Unfortunately I'm trying to do it through jive back-end but if it only one solution please explain how to do it using REST api.


              Let me know if any additional details required.


              Thanks, DH.

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                  Hi Dzmitry. I'm currently waiting on a response internally and will let you know when I hear back. Thanks!

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                    Hi Dzmitry,


                    I was waiting for a response from Engineering to confirm, however after playing with this a little this afternoon myself I got this working by calling:




                    According to Jive REST API v3.3 → Activity service this will return "...the specified activities from the stream of all activity visible to the requesting person....", so please give this a try out and let me know how it looks.




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                        Hi Martin Holmes,


                        Thanks for drilling this out. I also was trying to play with this rest api and moreover was trying to debug this calls.


                        So from my investigations I figured out that methods which invoked with parameter "filter" doesn't exists inside ActivityService.java.

                        So even if I calling -->


                                 curl  -u  admin:admin  "http://localhost:8080/api/core/v3/activities?filter=(update)&count=2"   or   curl  -u  admin:admin  "http://localhost:8080/api/core/v3/activities?filter=update&count=2"

                        I get all activities from EAE as result for my admin user.

                        From debug perspective I see that invocation occurred on that method (without filter parameter) -->



                            @StaticJavaScriptMethod(name = "osapi.jive.corev3.{plural}.get")


                            public Entities<ActivityEntity> getActivity(@QueryParam("after") String after,

                                                                        @QueryParam("before") String before,

                                                                        @QueryParam("count") @DefaultValue("25") int count,

                                                                        @QueryParam("fields") @DefaultValue(ActivityEntity.ALL_FIELDS) String fields)



                        So I can say that I have no any filtration. Also I saw that comment inside ActivityService: // TODO - future enhancement to support StreamConstants.FilterType filters, plus query terms, on all activity getters

                        Seems that such filtration wasn't implemented in

                        Correct me if I have a mistake regarding any my statements.


                        Thanks, Dzmitry.