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    User context on Jive Anywhere AJAX calls...

      Sagi Eliyahu & ShaLi Shaltiel,


      I was working with Nils Heuer on a Jive Anywhere cartridge for some learning management systems. What he'd like to do is invoke an AJAX call from the cartridge to his back end LMS when a user completes a training. However, what we are not sure of is how to get the user context passed along on the POST back to his service. Using an app, you would do a signed fetch and the call is proxied through Jive and the user/instance information is placed on it. Tile actions use a similar mechanism and include the context of the group/user when calling back to the "home service".


      Is there a similar mechanism in Jive Anywhere?


      If not, and given that what we are trying to do is bring a holistic approach to building an integration--one that uses OSApps, Tiles, and Jive Anywhere--what strategies can we recommend to ensure that we are able to provide the user context in a trusted manner to a "home service"?