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    Is anyone able to share best practices on how to encourage internal users for Jive?


      I have been tasked
      with increasing the number of internal users who have access to our internal
      Jive social business site.



      Our company has been using it for just over a year, but it is apparent that
      only a handful of regular people are using its full potential.



      We have approximately 1200 users and need to change the culture of our
      users to move away from email and SharePoint sites and get them onto Jive



      Has anyone got some hints/tips, best practices, lessons learned/things to
      avoid etc that you would be willing to share with me please?



      I am already looking into the method of gamification as a way to reward
      people for using the site, however I also need to get people to think of the
      site as an essential daily tool that can be used for communication, projects,
      learning etc.



      Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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          Hi Paul - we too were ex-SharePoint, and a year into our Jive install -


          Happy to share our learnings, and would be keen to hear your experiences too -


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            We have built code that can pull anything from anywhere in Jive and feed into SharePoint and to som edegree from SharePoint into Jive. - This might help with adoption as users get their familiar content available.


            Let me know if youd like to discuss further.





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              I've struggled with that over time as well. Due to various efforts, we are beginning to see some nice growth and activity on our internal instance. Here are a few things we've done to encourage adoption/use:


              1.     Profile photo day: we hired a professional photographer at three of our sites and announced to employees that they could come down, learn about the platform and have their photo taken for uploading to their profile. We gave prizes for those that uploaded to their profile, created a bio and expertise. Worked quite well.


              2.     In one of our communities, the owner (happens to be the manager of the business unit), mandated that there will be no more emails for departmental communications. All comms to be done on the Jive platform.


              3.     I regularly pull out success stories, create infographics and distribute in other vehicles outside of our Jive platform. In the infographics, I include links directly to the threads on the platform.


              4.     Where it makes sense, in some of our other intranet sites, I'll include direct linkages to specific communities of practice. Again, where it makes sense in that there is direct correlation between both.


              5.     I conduct "Lunch & Learns" were folks can casually come, have a bite to eat and hear about the highlights of the platform and what I know would be relevant to them. It's the "what's in it for me" factor.


              6.     I am very in tune to what our employees need from a knowledge perspective. I try to tie features of Jive directly to their knowledge challenges, and then I exploit the features in creative ways, i.e. the power of Search, Profiles, finding SME's, etc. Ask "how do you do it today", and then show them more efficient ways on the platform.


              7.     Develop communities around specific business needs/campaigns. For instance, if your company does any idea generation activities, build out a community, exploit the value to the business initiative, and get people engaged. Tell them that the only place for this activity is in the platform, not email.


              Hope this helps a bit!


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                Changing the company culture towards a more social culture is the hardest part oy any social project, that's the bad news. Good news would be that there of cause are ways to change the culture, but it requires a change process over time and with support od senior maagement.


                We've introduced Jive two years ago in our own company and worked with a couple of customers in the field of Social Culture Consulting. Each and every customer and it's situation is different and so would be the advice, but there a some guidelines valid for all.


                You may find my poll What Is Your Top Reason Why Social Collaboration Could Fail? helpfull as it identifies the lack of a social culture as one of the biggest threads to social projects - so therefore you've been given your task and that's a good start.


                Very important are the two top reasons why social collaboration could fail, because that should be the focus of your work:

                1. Lack of senior leaders role modeling /championing use of technology
                2. Insufficient integration of Web 2.0 into employees’ day-to-day work activities


                So, integrate Jive into the productive processes of your company and measure the success in real world terms like productivity increase, growth, ... Start with a project on a small scale and identify the part of your company which is most likely to succeed and with that department(s) kick-off a workshop around the question into what company day-to-day work activities Jive has to be integrated to increase value.


                This is not an easy task at all and it requires time and the support from senior manegement. Godd luck and I hope my two cents are helpfull.

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                  Phillip Bailey

                  I would agree with André - integrate your business processes into Jive. Our Jive usage is highest in the area of the business where the director is actively championing the platform and pushing processes into the platform. We use the ideation module as the first step in our development process.


                  The other big thing was having content. We started by migrating the content we had on our old static intranet into Jive, meaning that HR documentation, training docs, support documentation are all housed in Jive. Internal IT use it as a knowledge store that's accessible to all staff (we provisioned accounts for our entire company) and use links to guides in Jive in response to support tickets (which links back to my first point). I find that people have come to Jive looking for one thing and stay for everything else they find there. We also created watercooler spaces, though outside of the dev teams, who are the most invested in Jive, they've had lower take-up.

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