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    Profile Preferences

      Some additions i would love to see in Personal Profile.





      It would be great to see multiple

      levels of show/hide for all personal details. At the moment you can only hide

      your email address. It would be great to be able to show / hide each profile entry

      Eg. Phone Number: 0922222222  Show to all    Show to colleagues    Show to

      fellow project members



      This would mean adding extra features to your profile like a list of your Colleagues, Friends, Project members (pre populated per project)



      So your friends could know your phone number while strangers dont get to see that!






      What do you think? 







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          hi Stephen,


          I'm not sure if it's public or not but the idea of 'friending' is something I'm pretty sure we're looking at for 2.1, being able to hide / show profile fields based on your relationship with someone seems like a cool idea, especially for external / CSX deployments. Internally, I'm of the opinion that everyone at the company should be able to see your phone number, assuming you get paid to work where you do.





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              forgot to say for Clearspace X.






              It would be

              nice to be able to limit the visibility of your address (there are some strange

              people out there!) and certain other information.






              We were hoping

              to see some options like have a friends, colleagues, project team etc groups you

              could put together so you can share your address, phone number, favourite

              colour with your friends but only your email address to your colleagues.






              This way

              you could add more personally information without compromising yourself to the







              We are

              hoping to create project teams so it would be great for them to share

              information and personal information which brings people together.







              internal Clearspace I could see being able to hide my personal mobile number

              from all but senior management a very good thing. Especially when you work in
















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                  Kinda like the Facebook feature of only allowing friends to see your information, but at the field level...

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                      It would be ideal for a user to make that decision at the field level.



                      Every user is different on what information they want to expose.



                      It would be great to give them that level of control..






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                          hey Stephen,


                          Yeah, it looks like Facebook beat us to this feature (they're not really a competitor), they rolled out the granular, per field, privacy features you mentioned. More here:







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                              MOSS MySites do this too. 









                              The ability to control access at the field level becomes even more

                              compelling when you want to implement a single profile instance (say,

                              in your extranet), and allow fellow employees to see specific fields,

                              or even whole sections, but disallow external folks. Then, there's the

                              whole opt-in/opt-out thing. I, for example, may not want to publish my

                              cell phone number at all, and would opt out of that field


                              Uploaded CORRECT screenshot


                              Dangit. screenshot should be correct now.

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                                  Facebook in

                                  there a day before me!



                                  application I got the idea from was Vanilla http://getvanilla.com/

                                  very customizable permissions.




                                  Here is

                                  part of a screen grab of what we would like the permissions to be like the attached screen shot:








                                  This way

                                  you can set each filed individually.




                                  Gia I see

                                  from your grab that Microsoft give you a drop down filed to pick your group.

                                  This is limited in that you cant be as selective as you’d like.




                                  Privacy has

                                  become a core feature especially since facebook screwed up not so long ago.

                                  People expect more control now over there personal information, who can see it

                                  and how its used. We think this control is much needed especially outside the

                                  corporate environment.




                                  Do you guys

                                  plan on heading in this direction?









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                                      Is there any future plans to give users some control over their profile information?


                                      Even just a check box to say hide from everyone?


                                      Am I wrong in saying every other social network gives you control over this information but Jive?


                                      It seems this feature is well overdue.


                                      A frustrated admin,


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                            For our CSX deployment, this is a highly critical feature and is actually a major problem not to have this capability today. We are currently forced to make most fields private by default because we cannot make the decision for people to publically show their personal information, but keeping so much profile info private is hurting our ability to build the community and facilitate intraction between members by finding "people near me with similar interests".


                            We are hoping that the ability to show/hide profile fields will be available in 2.1.