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    Any chance of adding textual metadata to a task (e.g. description, telnr, etc.) that stays at the top of the details?


      We have here in our company a lot of tasks where we enter some kind of "metadata" (e.g. call mr. XYZ and we add as metadata the telnr and availability times; or a URL/Filepath to some further explanation of the task). If  this is entered in the notes (as we currently do it) it stays always at the bottom of the notes, e.g. if this is f.ex a task with a long notes history (details on various tel conversations or just the "time" history of the task), the scrolling becomes longer and longer to get to the relevant content.

      Would it be possible to add some kind of (optional) description field at the top of the task (e.g. after name or after subtasks)? then It would be possible to always have the most relevant metadata on top of the task - at first sight. I know that other tasks managers / concepts like asana or toodledo have these kind of descriptions.


      thanks for any feedback on that!