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    Looking for ideas on 'status levels' for my companies version of Jive - do you have any suggestions?


      Hi everyone, I have been asked to look into changing the 'status levels' that our intenral Jive users achieve when earning points by participating on the site.


      Currently, we use the 'out of the box' status levels - Newbie, Wayfarer, Adventurer, Scout, Tracker, Navigator, Pioneer, Ranger, Guide


      My company is in the finance/banking industry and these status levels do not really mean anything to our internal user population.


      I would like to change the descriptions to either more generic terms such as beginner, intermediate, advanced etc - or change them to something that reflects our company/industry better and is more tangeible for our internal users.


      Have any of you created your own custom status levels for your users?  If so, would you mind sharing them please?


      I also welcome any suggestions that you feel would be appropriate?