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    Email notifications based on content with a specified Tag in a specified Space (e.g. "Watch a Tag") widget?


      Hello All,


      I currently oversee a community within my companies custom Jive network that serves as a place to crowd-source questions.  The community is set up to handle questions from 10-12 different topic areas (each managed/moderated by a separate person), which are organized by Tags & Categories. Basically when the post a Discussion they are trained to apply Tags and/or Categories so that it can be located by the manager for that topic.


      The whole process would be much more efficient if the managers of each topic could somehow receive an email notification anytime a Discussion is posted in the community with the Tags and/or Categories that they are responsible for.. We are currently using Jive 5 and I cannot figure out a way to make this happen. The "Watch a Tag" widget is a great way to get a stream of Tags from a specified Space, but it doesn't look like you can elect for email notifications from this widget.  Does anyone have any ideas for me? Also, we will be moving to Jive 7 within the next month or two. Does this system have anything that might help me out?


      I appreciate any help here. Thank you!


      ~ Justin Cracolice