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    Is is possible to change jive_i18n key values ?


      I would like to know if it is possible to change the value of  jive_i18n keys and the options for doint it.


      I have read in other threads that some people have been able to do it in their plugins but we are not requiring anything than just change some key values, so, is it possible to do it without a plugin?


      Note: I need to do this in a Jive 4.5.6 instance.



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          In case you want to change some common term used in Jive then you can use phrase substitution, which allows to change the key values from admin console.

          Setp 1 -> go to <host>/admin/settings-phrases_input.jspa

          2. -> click on View rules

          3. -> add rule

          4. -> set target dropdown to key

          5. -> type the key and value for required locale


          The alternate options are web/overlay changes to the keys or customise the i18n implementation classes (struts) for custom implementation or creating new keys and use them in custom views in themes in case you dont want to change jive's key values everywhere.