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    Cache server for new Jive 6 environment


      Hi all.
      We created new jive 6 environment for development. Also we restore database by dump from latest environment. So it successfully up and running.


      But we have issue with caches:
      in spring.xml files of our plugin we have some cache beans

      <bean id="customCache" parent="cacheBean" depends-on="cacheFactoryManager">

        <constructor-arg value="arg" />

        <property name="expirationTime" value="3600000" />

        <property name="expirationPeriod" value="600000" />


      So I don't see this caches in admin console->System->Settings->Caches.


      Also i have error(org.springframework.beans.factory.NoSuchBeanDefinitionException: No bean named 'customManager' is defined) for all beans in spring.xml which have custom cache beans like property

      <bean id="customManager" class="com.xxx.CustomManager">

        <property name="customCache" ref="coachTalkCache" />



      Maybe anybody has similar issue ?