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    Create a Jive firehose?



         Is it possible to create a Jive firehose similar to Twitters firehose (Public streams | Twitter Developers) that streams all data to an url endpoint containing items such as


      • activity ( messages / likes / comments )
      • group creation / deletion
      • group subscription
      • user creation / deletion
      • contentVersion changes


         I've had a look at webhooks but this appears to be geared towards creating one webhook per object which would have an large management overhead when the number of users gets into the hundreds or thousands.


        Can webhooks be used to report on all users activity for example, all group creations, etc in one webhook?


        Is there another way the firehose could be put together such as using an add-on for example? Should a polling mechanism be used that pings Jive instead of a streaming mechanism.


        Our use case it that we want to integrate jive into multiple social networks using different aspects of the Jive data.