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    On-boarding with Gamification?  What Motivators are you Using?


      After listening to the Gamification Webinar Series Event #1 webinar yesterday, I got to thinking about something that Christopher Morace said about gamification mechanics and onboarding; that we don't read instructions or get certified to play a video game; we learn to play the game as we go.


      I have on-boarded a lot of people onto our Jive platform.  I have used training, created quick refs and I have driven people to communities of interest to get them to a minimum proficiency. I cannot yet see people who don't 'get' the whole enterprise social networking concept becoming proficient via gamification.  Even with a motivator, most people throw up their hands in frustration before achieving the minimum proficiency level.


      Who out there is leaning towards gamification for on-boarding?  How are you gamifying the process for newbies?  What motivators are you using?


      cc: Internal Community Managers  and Jive Gamification User Group (of which I hope to be a member soon)