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    Jive and DMZ


      Hello, i search for Imformation or examples for use cases in an DMZ. I Need at least 3 Instances of an Intrantet: 1. For internal Use only, 2. for Employees from external Access and 3. for external Access of customers. Did anybody know if this is possible?


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          Two options here:

          1) Put one Jive instance in the DMZ, employees access the site using their regular access methods (basic auth or SSO). For external access additional access methods can be added (Okta, etc)

          External users get access via external groups (requires Jive 7)


          2) One internal instance for employees and a separate external community for customers.


          I am not 100% what you mean by "3 instances" of an intranet, though, so I might have misunderstood.

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              Thank you at first. I mean i want to split it into 3 parts. One part have to be only accesible from internal users. There are all Projektinformation and so on another part for acces from outside for the employees but this part have less Information, so sensibles.  And the third part for customers just to watch at their own Projects... an the second an the third have to be in an dmz... but the instances have to use partly the same databases...because i dont want double data