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    Do you use native task and action management in Jive?


      We can't use Producteev as it stores data externally. Our community is running on Jive 7 on prem.


      We are struggling with a couple of simple task reallocation and action listing issues - do these things work for others please or do you have any workarounds? I have replicated what the users are seeing and I can't see any way to do what they need to do either:


      Reallocating a task and removing the orignal owner

      I have created a discussion and set that as an action item. Originally I put myself and User A to be the action owners.

      Now I would like to dedicate this action to third person. How can I do that? I found a way to add participants but I couldn't find a way to delete old participants...

      How can a user list all action items where s/he is listed as responsible?

      I have created some discussions and marked them as action. I have added a user there as a participant. How can this user now list all actions that are pending in selected (or all) groups?
      I found a way to list actions which are owned by me in "home " Actions but the user which I added as participants the same list was still empty....


      Many thanks