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    Documenting Your Website Configuration


      Hi, I'm looking for ideas or methods other organizations have used to document their Jive site's configuration. We are hosted by Jive and in order to have a baseline for future support, updates etc. we'd like to document our site's configuration. I'd like to document everything that we can, down to what has changed from default settings and possibly what those default settings are.


      Short of going into each menu and sub-menu item and writing out what the default settings, our custom settings etc. My initial thoughts are to seek out a document from Jive that would detail each default setting etc. and then just document the delta as our own configuration. Does such a document exist?


      Tackling a big task,



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          The easiest way would be to get an export of the system properties page of the admin console. That'll give you everything setup-wise.


          However, if you've customized your site then you'll also need to export the theme and theme maps. That's a manual process. I'm still trying to track down how a configured site writes its content.

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