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    Creating a More Vibrant User Group


      Scott posted a thread on the roles this group needs to grow. I thought I would begin a discussion on what we all might like to see and get out of the group in order to develop a more vibrant user group experience.


      I saw in some document somewhere on the Jive Community that the Texas Users Group had some success doing what they called "Help a Member" section, where the group brainstormed and problem solved on a particular challenge or problem one member of the group was facing with their Community and then rotated who was helped each time. It helped the group dig down a little deeper into best practices and real issues facing the Community Managers in their particular group. Not sure if they are still doing this or not.


      Maybe this would be something this group would like to try and maybe not.


      It would be interesting for others in the group to jump in and see what sort of things would you like to see or learn or engage with that would make the Bay Area Users Group seem more vibrant and have good value for you.


      What would you like to see or have happen?