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    External Student Community Manager needed


      Hello all! My community manager and my social media manager will be leaving our team next week and we will need to hire a new social strategist / community manager very soon. We are still working out the job description but the main focus will be:


      • Community Administration & Daily management
        • Moderation, permissions, creating spaces, moving content, tagging etc....
        • Ask questions, provide comments, and general feedback within the community, and work with appropriate internal resources to address any issues or questions
        • Identify needs / areas for improvement within the community, provide guidance in strategy & development for future
        • Enforce policies and standards related to community activity, content creation and organization, and visual and written standards
        • Develop functionality documentation for users and administrators  / present and train using those documents as needed.
        • Increasing user adoption, engagement & activity
        • Provide monthly reports on community & social stats


      • Great communication skills (casual / friendly tone)
      • Basic HTML and CSS knowlege
      • Always looking for ways to improve the site and help our student succeed!
      • Coordinate with the creative & Marketing teams to create community content based on marketing campaigns
      • Social media management & strategy (working with a social content manager to execute) (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc....)
        • Provide direction on new social collaboration tools and best practices
        • Assist new hires with social media policies and account set up




      Our Community: Welcome | Penn Foster Student Community ( we have over 100K students / 70K registered on community & about 10K active per month)

      About Penn Foster: About Penn Foster Online Schools and College | Penn Foster


      If you are interested or know anyone who may be please contact me!