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    Today, I have gamified, I'm a gamificationer


      Smart Traveler 2013.pngAt my company, the Jive platform is our Intranet and the team that runs it has done much to encourage engagement by using the badge system. Me? I'm but a lowly user of it who depends upon it to engage employees to do my bidding. OK, well, not MY bidding, but the company's bidding. I have collected many, many badges over the past months for my blogging and use of the platform in various ways.


      For a girl who never won a blue ribbon in youth athletics, this is awesome because my trophy shelf is brimming. Finally! Something I excel at - talking!


      Today, however, I am not only one who has been gamified, I am a gamifier, a gamificationer. Something.


      OK, it's clear I don't know how to conjugate that verb. But, still - I did it!


      With the help of our Intranet team, today my group awarded 9,000 badges (give or take) for people who booked their travel using the online booking tool for at least 80% of their trips. Today, we have gamified travel-booking using our Jive platform.  It's only the first day out, but there has been a buzz - including people saying "Hey, I didn't get one, shouldn't I have one? I want one." and asking "How can I get one next time?"


      The proof will be in the pudding - we measure online trip booking month by month and if we see an uptick following this, we will know the story we published - giving awareness and knowledge - together with the gamification was effective in changing behavior.


      I predict it will.


      Now that we've done one of these, I already have ideas on how we can reward and encourage the desired behavior through this method in more areas.  My team doesn't just support the travel program - we support quite a few tools and processes and policies.  For example, maybe we can recognize and reward our "super-users" and in the Purchase Order process get them to contribute to more peer-support on our eProcurement tool.


      Anyone else apply a Jive badge for behavior that has nothing to do with social business or related?  Have you had success in changing behavior? What has the response been?