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    Setting up projects as private and assigning people to a private project


      I am having trouble trying to actually make my projects private. Here's the scenario:


      1. I have a private group. I want to make a project that is private between me and one other group member.

      •     I create the project
      •     I make it private
        •     From here of course, I have to go into Producteev website and assign the person, since I cannot find that option in Jive
      •     I ask other members of the site, admin member and NON-admin members if they can still see the project. Yes.
      •     If they click on the project - they can get  into the project. SIGH


      I checked their access on producteev, not admins. I read the directions in the user guide (see below image) BUT it's not clear what I am doing wrong. Can someone help me. What we are trying to do is have one group, with multiple project that are private where some of the members have access depending on what they are working on.




      Connecting a Place with a Producteev Project


      If you own a place, you can configure a Producteev tile or stream and connect it to a Producteev project. All tasks created in the place will live in that project.

      To connect a place you own with a project:


      1. Make sure it contains one or more of the Producteev tiles (Recent Tasks or Late and Upcoming Tasks) or a Producteev activity stream. If you apply the Producteev Project place template, these elements are automatically included.
      2. Click Manage > Settings
      3. Click Configure or the gear icon on a Producteev stream or tile.
      4. Under Choose a project, select a project from the list of projects accessible to your account. If you want to start up a new project:
        1. Click Create a new Project to link to this Place
        2. Under Access Settings, decide who can access the project. Keep in mind that if you select Private, only people who have an assigned task in the project (or who have been granted rights from the Producteev side) will be able to access the project and interact with tasks. 
        3. Under Advanced Settings, decide who can edit tasks in the project.
      5. Make sure Share configuration with x other integrations is selected. This setting ensures that all the Producteev tiles and the Producteev stream in a place share the same project. Setting a place to use multiple Producteev projects is not supported at this time.
      6. Click Apply.
      7. Click Save.