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    How to use Jive to archive email


      Like most companies, we make extensive use of email.  Email threads contain discussions which contain a lot of useful knowledge I would like to capture in Jive and therefore make searchable.


      If I create an email alias and include both regular email users AND the email-to-Jive address for "start discussion", then new discussion threads get started for each email sent to the alias, and each one with ever increasing content as the email body grows as the email thread gets larger.  This creates a lot of replicated content and makes searching difficult.


      If I create an email alias which only includes the Jive address for "start discussion" then:


      1. I need to have all users set to "follow" the space for them to get notifications
      2. Users only get notifications of the latest post and not the entire thread like they would in an email thread.  Including {$thread} in the Jive email template does not seem to work


      SO….  the question is, what are the best practices for using Jive to archive email threads?


      Ideally, I don't want to have ensure all users I want to include on an email alias be Jive followers, but this would be ok IFF:


      1. {$thread}  works in the mail templates
      2. As an admin I can assign followers rather than making them explicitly go to the space and follow it.


      Any suggestions gratefully received!!




      (apologies if this is posted in the wrong space, but it is not clear to me where I go to ask such questions)