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    Jive SBS 8 (maybe 7, too) Theme editor ignores custom CSS/HTML


      Hi everyone,


      trying to add a branded header to our Jive SBS c1 environment: (Avatar Dropdown -> Manage -> Themes, then in the theme editor: "Advanced")


      I'm not the best of CSS/HTML developers, but even I can tell that no matter what I change there and publish it - Jive simply ignores it. Save & Publish gives me a success message, but there's no bit of my custom HTML.


      Image1: Here's what I put in for the header. Note the ID "j-header".



      Here's what Jive shows me (no, did the "clear cache, restart browser, check result, curse heavily, start over" process a couple of times... so it's NOT a client/browser caching issue)


      Image 2: Look at the firebugged header HTML - my HTML might be buggy, but this is even the wrong ID, wrong HTML... (header id=j-compact-header, no h1 logo, nothing.) this has nothing to do with what I put in.




      Any ideas?