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    SharePoint and Jive together for SharePoint Conference

      I'm not entirely new to Jive, I started last August as a SharePoint Specialist in Sales Engineering, but I've mostly been lurking so far in the Jive Community. I'd like to change that. I posted recently on my blog about Why I'm at Jive and it made me realize I'm not present enough in our own, rich community here.


      As the Microsoft SharePoint Conference (SPC) is approaching in the first week of March, I'm curious to hear your stories about the SharePoint use in your communities.


      I know that there must be a lot of SharePoint deployments at your organizations and I wonder why I don't hear more about it in the Jive Community. Do you avoid talking about SharePoint here mainly because it's not the focus of Jive Community Managers? I'd like some help introducing people to Jive who are familiar with SharePoint and curious about Jive.


      How are you using both Jive and SharePoint successfully? I've seen some stories from companies like Bridgepoint and Cameron and heard great co-existence stores from people like Gia Lyons and also I'd like to hear yours.


      I know there will be some customers at SPC like Bruce Weatherford from AMD, who is presenting at the conference about AMD.com's recent SharePoint upgrade. I'm sure existing Jive customers can help me explain to other conference attendees. And I know partners like Okta and QUMU will have booths at the conference and can also help. However, I'm sure there are plenty of others who I don't know about.