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    Issue with a REST API - filtering by profile fields




      Can you please let we know how we can get the users list filtering by profile fields using REST API on PDLive Cloud instance?

      Below you can find example:



      We have some users that have:

      "profile" : [ {

            "jive_label" : "Enabled Applications",

            "values" : [ "OMNILink" ]

          } ]



      How we can find those users which have: profile.java_label = "Enabled Applications" and profile.value = "OMNILink" in the PDLive Cloud instance ?


      This example is working well in our on-premise PDLive instance (4.5.8 version) and it is very important to work after the migration to the PDLive Cloud instance (right now it is not working there).



      Please advise. All ideas will be very helpful.

      Many thanks.


      If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.


      Best Regards,