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    Feb 24th Meeting Thoughts


      I thought the discussion went really well and I enjoyed hearing about the upgrade experiences of others. The HP guys were impressive!


      I thought the advice to do a lot of pre-testing and think about disaster recovery if you have a complicated system using different database architectures was a really good reminder of what not to forget about, for me.


      For those who attended, did all the questions you had in your mind get answered? Did you have a question you didn't get to ask or you didn't feel was answered sufficiently?


      For those who were not able to attend - were there questions about upgrades you want to ask here in this group that maybe someone has some insights on?


      Because we are all always going through one kind of upgrade or another, it would be great to continue the conversation here and learn from each other.


      I envy all those going to 7 but I'll get myself on 6 and then begin the process immediately to look at how to get to 8. I do hope Jive continues to remember it's customers who, for whatever reason, are not able to move to the cloud. I suppose I have cloud envy, too. smile.