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    How to create different languages sub-spaces ?  E.g.  Chinese and Japanese subspaces under English paraent space


      Hi there,



      We are evaluating clearspace 2.0 Beta.  Since we would like to deploy it globally therefore different language support is a must. 



      Under Unicode characterset setup of backend database, we are able to accept different language input in our discussion forum, blogs and wiki documents.



      However, in order to setup a user friendly environment, we would like to change the theme such that we can map different region subspace to their native language characters ..... i.e.   those buttons, drop down menu, descriptions in the webpages will be displayed in region's specific languages like Chinese and Japanese etc.



      I've walked through some of the threads but still couldn't figure it out how to do it ..... anyone coulld help ??  Is there any configuration files that I need to modify ?  The tricky thing will be the whole platform has to support multiple languages ....



      Any resource links, step by step procedures and your valuable experience are highly appreciated. !!!






      Many Thanks,