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    Video, and creating an impact (tremor) with your ESN - article

      Hi guys,


      I recently shared an insight into how we're using our Jive network and video to create a buzz about our marketing efforts here at NBCUniversal International, via Rachel Miller's All Things Internal Communications blog.


      If you're interested in how we used a bit of healthy competition to encourage our colleagues to participate, and then go on to feature in our UK wide TV campaign, then do check out the full article!



      Happy to share Community Manager related insights there too of course

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          Kate Bellard

          Thanks for sharing this Tony Stewart. I like how you added a bit of competition to your campaign. I'm also looking at using employee video to create a buzz; to keep employees talking about our internal community and it's potential business value. I really like what PWC did in their "Imagine if...video" (http://www.jivesoftware.com/jiveworld12-videos/Keynote_Thursday_-_Building_relationships_Creating_value_NSDG.html?source…)


          A couple questions:

          1. I'm hesitant to create an open group for participants to upload videos. Is the impact greater if it's a surprise and there is a grand revelation to employees or do you think the submission of employee videos helped you generate buzz?
          2. You may not have had this need, but how did you download the videos if they were uploaded into your community? I would need to download the videos to compile into one video.
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              Thanks Kate, really pleased you enjoyed the article!


              We wanted the campaign to feel as similar as possible to the external facing Social Media campaign, so for us we always wanted to make the group open and the competition transparent. And as our colleagues started to post their videos it helped create a buzz around the campaign and demonstrated to others how much fun making the videos could be; this I'm sure helped encourage more participants.


              I think a grand revelation works too, but there's something about 'control' here; the corporate is deciding when people can see the videos, and as such I think would have gone against the open and social nature of our community.


              We didn't need to download the videos afterwards, as we knew that the winner would be whisked away to produce a professional version for use on air. But having looked at the options I have in our Hosted 6 environment, it doesn't look like there are tools to download videos (even in the admin console), which seems a bit daft. I understand the video tools have been upgraded for Cloud, but unsure if video downloads are possible here either.


              guess you could ask your people to ensure they keep a copy of the video locally, that you could obtain when you have a winner, but I'd admit that's not an ideal solution! Maybe someone at Jive could assist?