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    Ode to Jive


      I have email fatigue today, and this is what came out of it.  I put it as my status here, but no carriage returns messed up the meter and verse, so I thought I'd add it here. 



      I find email passé. What can I say?

      I despise it much more every day.

      I prefer the sensation of a notification

      From settings where I choose the way


      So throw me a bone, let me see on my phone

      All that’s going on using Jive

      It’s so easy to share or collaborate there

      Get social, my friend! <Big High Five>

        • Re: Ode to Jive

          Sung to the tune of “Do you want to build a snowman?” from Disney’s Frozen:


          Do you want to write a blog post?

          Or click some “likes” around The Hub?

          I think some social time is overdue

          I’ve started talking to

          This little office potted shrub


          Do you want to write a blog post?

          Come on just comment now

          I never see you anymore

          Come out and explore

          We’re all right here to show you how


          We used to gather in a break room

          And now we don’t

          Because we’re too far apart

          Do you want to write a blog post?

          It doesn’t have to be a blog post.


          Okay, bye.



          (Note: The Hub is the name of our workplace Jive community. Also, this need to rhyme things is an illness but I can't get any disability pay for it. )