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    Jive for Outlook: Getting mostly 'Contact not found' in the social bar


      99% of the email traffic does not resolve the contact into the Jive For Outlook social bar.


      Take a look at the attached image.  I received an email from a Jive Community member (Ryan Rutan) and the right-side preview pane was not able to locate this user.





      Even though most of the emails come from 'communities-no-reply@jivesoftware.com', I would have thought that the username would have been searched to see if a match could be found.


      Here is the request and response that resulted in us not finding Ryan Rutan.:


      POST https://community.jivesoftware.com/__services/eapis/v2.1/search/users/byEmail


      With the body:



      The response was:




         message=User with email communities-no-reply@jivesoftware.com does not exist.



      The same problem holds true for user searches in our own instance: a few of the Jive emails that are discussions, replies, comments,.etc do get resolved, although most do not.  In all cases, the email sender is something like:  noreply@meshmail.bingo.com


      Can anyone shed some light on what it takes to get our users resolved in the Jive For Outlook social bar.