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    Joining two instances of Clearspace


      At EMC we have a few different organizations running Clearspace instances.  We are looking for a way to keep them seperate but share information or link to each other in a more seamless way than just providing a hard link.  Do you have any tools that could help us do that?






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          Hi Jamie,


          Can you provide an example of what you're looking to do? If you're not wanting to link to something (e.g., http://your-clearspace/docs/DOC-1000), how are you wanting to connect your servers?




          \- Seth -

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              One of our Clearspace instances has a large list of 80's rock bands (Not really).  Each rock band has its own community.  Another instance of Clearspace is a more focused instance, with just two communities, Bon Jovi and Aerosmith.  We need the best way to share the information about Bon Jovi and Aerosmith within that large list of rock bands, but keep the instances seperate to provide better ease of use for people who are only interested in Bon Jovi and Aerosmith.  So the sites have to remain seperate but we would like the two communities to show up as communities on the big list.  Maybe clicking on the communities could just redirect the user towards the seperate site but I was wondering if there was another way to do that.






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                  I just had to say that I love your metaphor!

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                    It sounds like you are really "Livin' on the edge" or possibly "Livin' on a prayer". Sorry, couldn't resist. I have a weakness for 80's music


                    Seriously, you could link the 2 using open search so that a search on one, yields search results for both (you may already have this). A link would be the easiest way, but you could probably also use some of the customized space widgets to display various feeds from the other instance.


                    Let me also ping one of the developers to see if there any simple customizations that would also accomplish this.