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    Why Reply does not get formatted as Question and Answer style


      We have created a doc (By clicking on a link "Write a document"). Right below the document other users are writing comments and questions.


      Sometime user asks questions in the comment.

      There is a "Reply" button (or link) on the bottom RHS of the comment. If someone wants to reply to the question then he clicks on the "Reply" link to answer the question. Unfortunately his reply goes all the way at the bottom of other comments that are already there.


      Why "Reply" does not post the comment(Answer) right below the comment like a Question and Answer style?


      It would be much easier to follow question and then answer right below it rather than search for the answer at the bottom of the rest of the comments. Also it makes it difficult to find out if the question in the comment is rally answered or not.


      What we might be doing wrong? Is there anyway to change it now?

      What we should do better when we do similar document and then request comment on the document next time?