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    What are other users doing to provide 'validity' tagging to discussion that others created?


      I am new to Jive, and am currently a Community Ambassador for Republic Wireless (not an employee) ... they use Jive 6.0.3 and our primary use of Jive is to provide support to the end user community through crowd sourced answers provided in the forum

      (please forgive the cross posting, I have been directed to post it in 2 different places from where it originally was)

      • There does not seem any way for anyone other than the creator/author of the Question/Discussion to Add or Edit the Tags
      • My plan was to have a key set of Tags, that would be added by the Ambassadors to help identify problem areas, key procedures etc etc
        • This would then allow either use of the tag cloud or keyword/tag searching to quantify problem areas to focus on
        • Ideally we would like to tag at either the Discussion level or the Comment level
      • I realize that the 'Correct Answer' and 'Helpful Answer' are supposed to be used for this, however it is being done by the person needing help, often missing and often incorrect
      • I also find that adding a custom hashtag appears to work ... it shows after entering but subsequent searching can't fine the tag hashtag_test

      Any suggestions or a pointer to what I am missing would be greatly appreciated



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