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    2 Sides of Disruption

    John Schwiller

      Great to see Peter Tapscott commenting on http://www.cmswire.com/cms/social-business/social-business-software-2-sides-of-disruption-024351.php#disqus_thread  


      The wrap-up says:

      Companies seeking greater productivity, collaboration and communication and who want to remove reliance on email should evaluate their strategy. They should challenge their IT departments to consider deploying genuine social business tools and commit to effective change management to overhaul user habits; rather than just buying ineffective social “overlays” and updates that are designed only to upgrade existing, legacy tools intended for different purposes.


      Like using horses to tow a motorcar, we have the tools to radically improve the way we work, but we aren’t implementing them correctly. These new social business tools should be used to constructively disrupt the old technologies — as well as our working habits — and not just distract from the work at hand.


      But I wouldn't pick a fight with IT on a business need like this, nor start with IT when approaching a new customer.