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    How to "bulk add" people to a project or multiple projects. A puzzle to solve. Please help.


      Really need help. Here's what we're doing in Producteev and I'll try to use terminology correctly:


      We have 40 "People" as staff members who use several "Networks" in which we categorize similar "Projects."


      We have one Network with 110 individual clients as "Projects" and the things we do for them as "Tasks"



      We need to invite Client People to their "Project" and need them to only be able to see their project AND we need our whole team to have "assignee" and "follower" access to all projects.


      Is there an easy path to allowing certain People to ONLY see their Tasks in their one Project, while allowing our whole team to create and work on all projects in the Network?


      I so far presume there is only one way to do this:

      a) manually invite all 40 employees to the Network.

      b) manually set all 110 projects private

      c) manually invite all 40 staff members to each of the 110 Projects

      d) repeat b&c for each new Project we get


      Is there an easier way?


      I anxiously anticipate and REALLY appreciate your reply!