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    How can I utilise Connection Streams?


      Hello Jive Community!


      I was wondering if you could enlighten me on how best to use Connection Streams.


      I am working for a company that relies on the collaboration from different departments/services, at the moment this is mostly done via emails and team meetings, however switching over to Jive will mean a more cohesive and open platform for communication.


      I am the community manager and started just last week!


      I just wanted to know how everyone keeps track of the content within their community, do you utilise the custom Stream option to create a Stream for every Group/Space, so that it is easier to refer back to?


      Hope that makes sense.



      Andrea Batatota

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          John Schwiller

          Hi Andrea


          Welcome to JC and the wonderful world of #cmgr (if this is your first gig). I'm sure Max Calderon will be along real soon to show you around.


          One way you might use custom streams (an idea from Josh Richau via Oudi Antebi) is to set up a custom stream for stuff you want to check every few hours (from any place or person), then another stream for stuff you need to check at least once a day, then another for stuff every few days etc. This could make you feel more in control    However this is probably good advice for regular users rather than a community manager who really should read everything, everywhere if that's possible - but you don't need to always respond as that will dissuade your community from jumping in. In that role I tend to live in the Activity Stream so I see everything and need fewer custom streams (and I pretty much follow everybody).


          Then the next thing for users to master, once they've got connections stream and custom streams set up, is to understand how Hide lets them fine tune the traffic. You don't say which version you are on but as we start to use add-ins to streams in 7.0 in places then it becomes more important for a particular user to be able to mute selected activity that is not of interest to them. See https://community.jivesoftware.com/ideas/4431



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              Excellent, thank you for your input. At least now I have a better idea on how to use it

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                  Thanks John!


                  Uses here can really range, but I think primarily that custom streams can be broken down in to three methods:

                  • Time/importance (as John described above)
                    • Based around trying to segment streams on level of importance or required frequency of surfing. Ones to check every hour, every day, every week, etc.
                  • Department/group
                    • I think this is more common for a community manager or power user. As John touched on, a CM definitely wants to see or be aware of a large majority, if not all content and conversations going on in the community. This allows someone the ability to absorb content at scale (required skills: skimming/fast reading, organizational knowledge)
                  • Project based streams
                    • I've recommended breaking these out based on big projects and following the cross-functional teams and places to each stream.


                  I always recommend having these two to three essential  streams, regardless of the above focus:

                  • Executives - follow only your executives  to this stream. This keeps you up to date on your relative or global leadership team and strategic decisions
                  • Peers/Direct team - follow only your team, your working group(s), your manager to this stream
                  • Email watches - for folks still highly attached to their email inbox, this is the best way to track things that are truly important


                  One of the most common things I've run in to between my sales enablement role and my current with both Jivers and customers is folks following people to their inbox.

                  I always recommend - Do not follow people to your inbox - not even your manager!


                  Following a person to your inbox not only floods a person's Jive inbox, but with default email preferences floods email inbox too. This is one of the strongest ways to deter engagement, and so I always recommend to follow places or content to an inbox, or a user's blog - never a user. As much as you may love some of your coworkers, you don't necessarily need to be updated on every like, comment, update of a version, status, etc. This forces people to really use the platform and not rely on their email inbox for updates from a platform they now do not have to engage in.