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    Extended props and client id


      Hi Ryan Rutan Aron Racho Nils Heuer

      • When I create extended prop using REST API from outside of Jive App, I can see correct client id(hf6xxxxxxxx.i)  in 'clientid' column of 'jiveextprops' table.
      • When I create extended prop using Javascript/REST API from within Jive App, I can see 'id' present in meta.json is being used as client id(dbc3xxe8-4697-4197-9ded-6b8a7c4xxbb3)  in 'clientid' column of 'jiveextprops' table.

      Why its not using correct client id which is hf6xxxxxxxx.i  ?


      Because of this, I'm unable to read the 'extprop' from within an App which I have created using REST from outside of an App.

      Can someone help us in understanding/solving this issue?


      Thanks in advance.