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    Making a Project Private deletes project


      I need to make about 100 projects private, and assign people to them all. Some of these projects were not created by me originally. When I select make private and click save. I get "you don't have permission to modify this project" then it's GONE. As in I can't access it or see it at all. The original person who created it can see it but I can't.


      How can we restore visibility and how can I make projects private and add people to them if I didn't create the project in the first place?

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          Does ANYONE have a solution to this? I'm finding that producteev does what we need it to do but not if it does this! On the one hand it says it's free. On the other there is a page that says you can pay for the service when groups are larger. I'd pay for what works. Looking at bitrix24 today since I can't get this resolved.