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    PHP to Clearspace integration



      Im currently looking at integrating Clearspace into our current systems, my main sticking point at the moment is getting some sort of integration with our current administration systems.  Currently users are creating in a web based php admin tool, what I really don’t want to have to do is end up creating all of the users twice so was looking for a way of getting our current php admin tool to create the users in Clearspace as well as creating users on our normal systems.


      One method that im sure is possible would be to create the users directly into the Clearspace databases, but im a little hesitant to go down this path as its not really future proofing the system and if the Clearspace databases were changed in later updates I would need to edit the respective code.  I know for other Jive products there are some pluggins available that allow access to some basic user admin functionality via http requests like this one for instance:


      Openfire User Admin Service


      Is anyone aware of anything similar for Clearspace that im not seeing and that is currently available or can think of a better solution?




      Many Thanks