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    Boston UG Meeting Notes, March 3 2014


      Thanks to all who attended the first Boston User Group meeting of 2014, it was a great turn out and lively conversation!  

      Here are the notes from the meeting: 

      New Profiles in Jive 7 was shared and we discussed different options for how to get the end users to update their profiles.

      • Good opportunity to leverage gamification to have people get rewarded for profile completeness
      • Lots of great ideas were shared for having teams and groups invest time and share successes with other departments  how this helped them work better together
      • One company built a custom integration with LinkedIn to pull in profile data, as well as integrated Jive with HR systems.
      • Run marketing campaigns / go to offices where you offer to take avatar photos and have people update their profile at that time.


      In discussing impact metrics there was discussion around how sentiment is measured and managed. 

      • Sentiment is calculated from multiple factors. Combination of ratio between likes, comments and likes within comments, bookmarks and some text.   
      • Today you can turn off impact metrics either on or off for the entire community, not at the content level.   It’s something Jive may consider longer term but it’s not in the roadmap. 


      Oudi shared some of the new strategies for Jive to make it easier to have content pushed to end users.  One feature is the ability to configure streams that can be pushed to end users. As well, the ability for customers to auto follow tags & hashtags.


      Justin Fitzhugh from Jive led a discussion around Hosted & Cloud and described Jive’s Saas offering infrastructure.  


      • Question about how companies can cap x or ops x justify their investment.   And it was confirmed that depending on how you structure the deal Saas solutions can be recognized either way. 


      Erik Gottesman from Sapient did a great demo of his community.   VOX is the only system of engagement that allows for end users to create their own groups.    They have 13,000 users globally.   He shared the Examples and Templates repository that was a solution for socially curated content within their firm.     They used social listening to scour through their system to discover and share best practices across their client engagements.   They categorized the content to make it easier for end users to find it.    For Sapient, it’s important to make sure that new hires are set up in their VOX systems within their first day.   Erik shared if you wait longer then that then people will start to create it on their own and it’s hard for them to move behavior back.


      At the end of the meeting the Jive team asked for end user feedback around use cases that drive daily engagement by end users as well as a Big Idea for the next product idea if each person was running the company.



      Thanks again to Erik and Sapient for hosting the meeting.   The evening wrapped up with Okta hosted drinks and food and the slight of hand magic tricks!   


      The group agreed that they would prefer to meet quarterly and we had two volunteers offer to host the next meetings.      Tony Melrose from Boston Beer and Joanne Kaplan from Harvard Pilgrim Health Care in Wellesley.   So we have our next two locations.


      What did you enjoy about this session?   What topics would you like to hear about next time?   Is anyone interested in sharing a best practice or leading a discussion?  


      Thanks all!