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    Feature a video in multiple places?


      Is it possible to have a video posted to to one group/space but then feature it in multiple space/groups?



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          If you placed your video within a Document or Discussion and that place is open then you shouldn't have any problems.  You can then use a Featured Content widget in the other places you would like for it to surface.  Just choose the place where the video is published in the widget.


          If you are using the Featured Content widget in the place where you have published the Video and do not want to surface any of the other Featured Content in the other places then just use a Formatted Text widget.  You can then just title it Featured and then @mention the title of the Document or Discussion. 

          Keep in mind though Tyler if you are on Jive 7 for example it may be slightly different, and we have not yet upgraded so in that regard someone else may be able to better assist.



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            I would maybe go one step further and say it would be nice to be able to cross-post other types of content as well.  The logistics might be nasty when it comes to permissions and entitlement though.