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    How to move content from middle layout to right in Activity Stream?




      I have been trying to move the content like: People Update, Social News except Recent Activity to the right hand side in the "Activity" Page,i.e.above Recommended people; with the help of themes: soy, html, css

      For this, it all started from "-

      1. j-stream-item-list located in activity_stream.soy as: <div id='j-stream-item-list'

      2. Then to .streamMarkup in the same template



      In order to get the content on the right hand side, the template* has to be called after

      {template .dynamicPaneContents}

          <div id="j-activity-page" class="j-stream">

      in home.soy


      *The template to be placed is :





      Tried using @depends template= jive.eae.content_type_defaults.* but was not fruitful to move any content except recent activity to Right Hand Side of the page above recommended people.


      Also, the moving in div did not help as they are different divs. So,any help, to move the content will be appreciated.


      Bernd Appelhans Abhishek Dwivedi