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    How to autopopulate categories ? Automate project Creation ?


      Hi Jive Community,

      I would want to customize and simplifiy the way to create a project in Jive

      We are creating new projects fairly often and it always needs to have a similar structure.

      So it is kind of annoying to do some very basic steps over and over again.


      What I basically would  want to have is a way to automate the following steps, as soon as I create a new project:

      - Load a project Template File

      - Create 2 documents with the name : General Information + "Projectname" and Contact Persons + "Projectname"

      - Fill each document with a hyperlink to itself.

      - Connect the 2 documents to 2  "view documents" widgets.

      - Autopopulate the category widget with a list of categorie names


      Any help would be very much appreciated.

      If someone can give me a hint how to solve any of those problems or show me a way how to start, I would be more than happy.

      Especially if you can tell me a way to autopopulate the category widget with category names would be the most important, as this is the most anoying step to repeat ?


      Thanks guys,