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    Global Calendar


      I posted this in the developer community by accident.  Here is my question.







      I have seen something like this asked in the past. I am not sure what came of it.




      Anyway, here is my question. Is there a global calendar feature in Clearspace? I need for registered users to be able to post information to a global calendar. Is this available now or coming in the future?











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          We have added a Calendar widget within the Clearspace 2.0's "project" functionality.  Additionally, you can easily embed externally accessible calendars (Google Calendar) into a space via the HTML widget

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              I can't wait to check it out.












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                With Google calendar HTML embed, I am having problems with the "accessible" calendar part...


                Hope someone can help me?


                When rendering the page in everyone else's view, it prints a "you do not have permissions" on the calendar - which is probably an issue on the Google side - but I was just wondering if anyone has found an easy work around, or if I am just doing something stupid (most likely


                Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.





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                    Hello Sandy,


                    To allow anyone and everyone access to the embed Google calender, you'll need to change the calender's settings to share with public. This can be enabled by selecting the Google calendar -> Calender Settings -> Calender Address: Change sharing settings -> Make this public. Note: that users won't be able to make changes to it unless they have been specifically given permission.




                    Hope this helps.  -Long

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                        A quick question about Google Calendars. The "embed" code I'm adding to an HTML widget is straight from the calendar page (All on one line, I added line breaks for "readibility"):


                        <iframe src="http://www.google.com/calendar/embed
                        style="border-width:0" width="100%" height="600" 
                        frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>


                        I only made one change. I changed the width="800" to width="100%" to fill the widget space in Clearspace.


                        **owner** is the Owner of the google calendar in question.


                        In the Clearspace page, I can see the calendar, navigate around, etc, but no events I enter on the calendar (as **owner**) are visible.


                        Does anybody have the Google Calendar  working, and would you be willing to share the "html" you added to the widget?





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                    I just wanted to ask whether there is a possibility to use a calendar, which is directly integrated in Jive.

                    Okay I know you can use the Google-calendar or Jotlet-calendar, but I don´t want to use an online calendar in order to transfer the calendar entries from one platform to another.

                    Especially those people who don´t have such accounts e.g. in Google they are not willing to create a further account only for the calendar functionality.


                    So is there a possibility to use a calendar with easy to use functionalities like (invitation management, adding calendar events ...).

                    Just like e.g. a personal blog where you can add your own new Blog posts.

                    Or maybe you have planned such a functionality in your next release?


                    Thank you for your reply in advance.


                    Best wishes,