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    Introducing Spring Security filters in Jive Cloud environments


      We have a requirement to intercept and handle HTTP requests that originate from a specific URL prior to their arriving at Jive.  Specifically, if an individual is logged on to one system ("System X") and clicks a link navigating to a Jive community that is surfaced in a page served by System X, we must intercept that request, check for the presence of specific cookies, then perform some resource provisioning prior to continuing on with the filter chain.  We've introduced this functionality in a hosted Jive 6 instance by means of a custom Spring Security filter, injected into the filter chain by including it in Jive's pluginPostSessionContextFilterChain bean.  The filter is deployed in a custom Jive plugin.


      Our question is, Are there any opportunities to introduce custom Spring Security filters such as the filter described above in the Jive Cloud environment? I suspect that the answer is no.  If the answer is no, has anyone attempted to mimic behavior previously deployed by means of a filter within a Jive Cloud environment?


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          Unfortunately, you are correct.  This type of behavior is not available in the Jive Cloud environment, and I haven't heard any rumblings of the product even considering this level of "interception".


          One consideration would be to create a wrapper for Jive content that uses the APIs to pull and render content.  At this point, you would have access to cookies, content and could use whatever technologies you'd like implement the wrapper.  Albeit, its not the same pattern, but it work with Cloud.  Hope that helps.



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