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    Feature Idea: Moderated Blogs vs. Copy Blog Entry - Thoughts?

    Ryan Rutan

      Our use case here is pretty simple.  We want to solicit the community for information about their accomplishments.  We'd like to highlight those accomplishments as part of our community Web site; however, we want to be able to select which ones to highlight at which time.  For example, we want a highlight to exist for a fixed period of time...such as 1 day...1 week...without new blog posts overwriting it.


      As such, we thought, wouldn't it be great if we could allow users to do one of the following ideas.




      1.)  Create a moderated blog, that allows a "moderator to review content" and "schedule posting dates" for the entries.  From what we could see in the permissioning for Blogs...you are an author or a viewer.  We dont see a way to allow someone to put the content into the Blog, and let it exist without being visible (similar to a draft).  In addition, when approved, we want to retain the "author's" name as the creator of the blog entry, so they get that credit.




      2.)  If the above is not possible, then perhaps functionality that will allow us to let people to write to a Blog, that we can copy theirentries into another blog that is actually public.  This again, allow the "moderator" to copy the content to the public blog, scheduling it's publish date...while retaining the orginal author's information as creator.




      The 2 biggest factors for this are reducing the time for content creation for a blog where content can come from any number of sources....and second, being able to decouple the time of content creation from the time of publication.  I would consider this to be a special blog, and may or may not be functionality that is available for all Blogs.  Similar to the Project vs. Community distinction in 2.0.




      Thoughts, other requirements?  Would be interested to here them out.  =)