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    Communities Project - Data mapping for THREAD in JIVE_ANALYTICS schema (Jive7)


      Hi Jive Team,


      I am part of MyOracleSupport (MOS) Analytics team, working on data mapping for Communities project.

      We are mapping our business requirements to JIVE_ANALYTICS schema in Jive7 (http://docs.jivesoftware.com/schemas/7_0/analytics/).


      Can you please help us confirm/find the following mappings?


      1) THREAD


      1.1) IsQuestion

      We understood that when a thread is created, it can be marked as “discussion”. Then, the discussion can be marked as a “question” or “featured”.

      Is my understanding correct? Can you please explain what “featured” means?


      Also, in what tables in JIVE_ANALYTICS can we find information about thread type (question/featured)?


      1.2) IsSticky

      As far as I understood, a thread “is Sticky” if it is of interest for many members of the community / is followed by many members / many members contribute to the thread.

      Do you use this concept in Jive Analytics? If yes, can you please indicate in what table / column is this stored?


      1.3) Mark Answered eMail

      We understood that after receiving replies to a thread, the user who initiated the thread receives an automated email to ask him to mark the thread as “answered” or mark the responses as “helpful”/”correct”.

      Is this mechanism used in Jive Analytics? If yes, in what tables/columns is this information stored?


      1.4) Mark Answered Reminder

      We understood that this represents a manual email sent as a “reminder” to the user that initiated the thread, to ask him to mark the thread as “answered” or mark the answers as “helpful” / “correct”.

      Is this mechanism used in Jive Analytics? If yes, in what tables/columns is this information stored?


      1.5) Move Thread

      Thread movements impact important KPIs such as “# of Threads” or “# of Thread views”.

      Business asked us to track thread movements between different spaces in order to be able to justify any change in KPIs.


      From JIVEDW_ACTIVITY_META table we understand that we store information about movements. 


      SELECT * FROM jivedw_activity_meta where lower(activity_name) = 'move';

      Activity_type = 70, Activity_name = ‘Move’, Description = ‘Fired when any major content type or space is moved. This can fire for a blog for one specific scenario: if a community that has a blog is being merged into another community that does not already have a community.’


      In JIVEDW_ACTIVITY_FACT table, there is data for Thread movements.


      select f.*

      from jive_analytics.JIVEDW_ACTIVITY_FACT f, jive_analytics.JIVEDW_OBJECT o, jive_analytics.JIVEDW_MESSAGE m

      where f.DIRECT_OBJECT_TYPE = 1 --thread

      and f.activity_type = 70  --move

      and o.dw_object_id = f.direct_dw_object_id

      and m.thread_id = o.object_id

      and m.parent_message_id = 0

      and m.thread_id = <thread id>; ex:1293956


      Can you please confirm that this is the correct way to obtain information about Thread movements?


      1.6) Thread Status

      We understood that a thread can have the following statuses:

      - Unanswered : responses received, but not marked Correct nor Helpful

      - Answered: responses received and marked Correct or Helpful

      - Null : no status

      Is infor   Is information about thread status stored in Jive Analytics? If yes, in what tables/columns?


      1.7) Thread Tags

      The table jivedw_tag in Jive Analytics contains the list of tags with their names, but the table is not linked with any other table in Jive Analytics schema, on tag_id (primary key).

      Can you explain how can we link the tags to a thread?


      1.8) Thread URL

      Is the Thread URL stored in Jive Analytics ? If yes, in what tables/columns ?


      Please let me know if I can provide you more information regarding my questions!


      Thank you,