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    Feature Idea: Pagination of Columns in Community Tab Results

    Ryan Rutan


      Really simple request, unsure as to the level of effort.


      Whether it's documents, blog posts, discussions. users, tags, most popular....recent...it has been discussed that people would want to possibly sort by the column headers.  For example, alphabetize the All Documents view by Document Title/Suject.  Not sure if this is doable with expected results for multi-language communities, but thought I would throw this out there.


      Some of the examples of sortable columns included, Sort by Rating, Views, Subject Title, Creation Date, Modification date, User....some of this is doable via the Search Engine....but from the general across the board view....this feature would be nice to have in some respects.


      Do others have any need for a feature such as this?  What are the most common ways your people find content and/or try to find content?  Any studies done?



      I've gotten Jive to file a feature request ticket here for those interested: