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    Content list page pagination


      I need to display custom data in content list and i am reusing content browse functionality by extending the action and changing the required behaviour.

      I am facing one problem with pagination links with this.


      The pagination links once clicked calls the webservice and get the content instead of calling custom action.

      Please suggest how can i reuse the UI and use my custom action. I do not have any webservice implementation equivalent to this.

      I need the list view that is exactly like the content list view with custom data.


      Need help

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          Ryan Rutan

          amit mahajan - While this can be done, it cannot be done without extensive customization via a plugin / overlay, which is not a recommended integration pattern for Cloud based design. 


          I would recommend using the /contents service:

          Jive REST API v3.3 → Content service

          to generate a similar UI that is distilled for the specific actions you are trying to enable.


          Note:  If you have this working in part, you might be able to find a solution by using a theme overlay and modifying various SOY files, but which files to research I do not have at ready hand. Perhaps someone else in the community can share their experiences?

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