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    How many badges did your internal community start with?


      Did you add to the standard?

      Did you make too many?

      Did your users complete all of the starting badges too quickly for you to have new badges deployed?

        • Re: How many badges did your internal community start with?

          Zero. None. We launched gamification a year ago and focused initially on points and levels.


          We deactivated ALL of the out-of-the-box badges Bunchball provided. They did not meet our needs for many reasons, including:

          • images did not match our theme
          • names were goofy and did not translate easily for our global community
          • we were concerned about badge clutter, where everyone has so many badges that nobody bothers to look at any of them and nobody values them much


          Some people did complete missions to earn badges very quickly, once we launched them. Only a minority completed them at all, however. Perhaps our badged missions were too challenging. But they still generated a lot of interest and activity.