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    Atlanta User Group Presentations March 13, 2014

      WOW...what an amazing time last night.


      We are so fortunate to have amazing talent in Atlanta willing to share their Jive story. I want to thank Lauren Hickey, David Rainey, Christopher Morace, and Dan Katz for sharing their knowledge, passion, and experience with the Atlanta User Group yesterday.  What makes any User Group successful is the willingness of the members to actively participate, and stand up in front of their peers  to share and learn from each other.   Please let myself or John Thompson and Mary Gibson know if you are interested in presenting at one of our upcoming qtrly meetings.


      Attached to this discussion are the presentations from last night.   If you have any additional comments or questions about the content in the presentations, please post them in this discussion, and mention the speaker so we can keep the conversation ongoing!!!!


      Until then, please follow this group on the Jive Community, turn on your notifications so you don't miss any updates...and let Atlanta know that we are here and strong in GA on Twitter - "@JiveATL"


      Best personal regards,