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    What kind of entries should we expect from the /streams or /activities REST API?


      It seems to be difficult to predict what kind of values will be returned from either the /streams or /activities REST API.


      Below is an example fragment of the output of "/streams/connections/activities" API:

        }, {

          "object" : {

            "id" : "http://...",


            "objectType" : "jive:idea",

            "url" : "http://...",

            "summary" : "...",

            "published" : "2014-03-10T20:51:34.639+0000",

            "updated" : "2014-03-10T20:51:34.988+0000"



          "url" : "http://...",

          "title" : "...",

          "published" : "2014-03-10T21:06:09.537+0000",

          "verb" : "jive:voted",

          "jive" : {

            "collection" : "3227383-2320",

            "replyCount" : 0,

            "collectionUpdated" : "2014-03-10T21:06:09.537+0000"


          "updated" : "2014-03-10T20:51:34.988+0000"

        }, {


      Is there a list of all the combinations of the "verb" and "objectType" values? We'd like to make sure we can process and display as much information as possible correctly in the same way as the Connections Stream. Some of the rare verb values are "jive:bookmarked" and "jive:correct_answer_set" and it does not seem to be practical to come up with all the combinations just by experience.


      Through a support case, it turns out there are no comprehensive lists in the public documentation, and the only way could be to retrieve the information from the source code with the help of Jive's internal engineers. (Link to our private group for reference: REST API "/streams/connections/activities" questions) It would be even more ideal that this information is added to the documentation.


      Here is the version of our Jive installation:


        "jiveVersion" : " ",

        "jiveCoreVersions" : [ {

        "version" : 2,

        "revision" : 3,

        "uri" : "/api/core/v2"

        }, {

        "version" : 3,

        "revision" : 2,

        "uri" : "/api/core/v3"

        } ]



      Thanks Neil Heassler for your assistance to move this forward.